The building pictured at left, still stands on what is now 43rd. Street and Bergenline Avenue in Union City, N.J.. Prior to consolidation with West Hoboken, it was called Union Hill. Presently, there are factories on the upper floors and a restaurant on t he ground floors. Mr. William Necker controlled his empire, at the beginning of the century, of more than twenty branches both in New York and New Jersey, from that location. His main branch included a cremato ry, casket trimming department, a monument department, a floral department, and a dress department where they were made. His biggest chapel could seat over 400. His livery business also located there consisted of the largest and newest at the time. Since his establishment also served as the local morgue, he also had the ambulance service. At its height, the William Necker Inc., averaged about 5000 funerals a year. He claimed to be the largest in the country and probably the world.