Mr. Necker's hobbies included race horses and even participated in the Golden Gloves Boxing tournament in N.Y.At the time that Mr. Necker was comtemplating expanding his business by opening branches in Europ e and principally Germany, in 1916 at the age of 45, he suddenly passed away. Leaving behind three small sons, and a young wife who had no experience in the business, it didn't take long for the empire to start crumbling down. After a short period of time , the only funeral home left was one down the street from the main branch. It was named Mrs. William Necker & Sons. In 1943, tragedy struck the Necker family again, the oldest son William Jr., who was also the principal operator of the funeral home, also died. In 1948, the remaining Necker family purchased the S.R Sharpe Funeral Home at its present location, thus it's name of Necker-Sharpe Funeral Home. In 1958, the Necker family ceased to be funeral home operators, when they sold the business to Harold Azmelian, a former employee. He in turn operated the business until April of 1979, when I took over.